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Upcoming exhibits include Adventureland Gallery, Chicago - BG Gallery, Santa Monica and Garner Narrative, Louisville, Ky.

I started making carved bas-relief paintings in the mid 1990's so that my audience could physically connect with my work. This was after I visited a Frank Stella wall sculpture exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. There I witnessed a woman reach out and gently stroke one of the pieces. Guards came from every direction to reprimand her. That very moment made me want to make art that people could touch and interact with. It was very important to me that you touched the pieces and enjoyed their surfaces

 In 2009 my work became much more personal.I began to tell my stories and those you had told to me. The sense of home and idea that we are the sum of our memories became very important in the work.
I wanted the viewer to personally connect and then relate the story to their own memories so that the story I told became their story.

 Rooting my narratives in a traditional, tactile craft medium has allowed me to create a simpler more accessible language in my work inspired by the simplicity and directness of folk art and the beautiful storytelling of Japanese woodcut prints.