Philip h campbell

​​​​​Philip Campbell


Thunder-Sky Inc. Cincinnati, Oh Thunder-Snow January 7- 28

Butler University Creation / Creative February 22

BG Gallery  - Santa Monica, Ca. Outside the Box March 11 - 28

Garner Narrative - Louisville, Ky solo exhibit June 2  - July 28


Harrison Center for the Arts The Dubious Luxury of Ordinary Men solo exhibit  May 6 - 31

Listen Hear A Spontaneous Act Of Beauty  installation July 10-13

AlphaOmegaPrize Artist of the Year


Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art:

Your Catfish Friend  solo installation February 6 - April 18

Gallery two Wet Paint, Heavy Metal and Broken Records April 9,10,11

Creative Renewal Retrospective Exhibit, ​Indianapolis Art Center - April 17 - June 7

Gallery 924  Water Show June 3 - July 11

Spiral Gallery Interstate Commerce August 7 - 23

​ArtPrize - DeVos Place September 23 - October 11


Garner Narrative 100 Burning Boats solo exhibit January 1 - January 30

Full Body Transformation: Tattoo Project January 1 - December 31

Anderson Center For The Arts Figures of Speech June 6 - August 16

Christel Dehaan Fine Arts Center Gallery Big Car 10 September


Recipient IAC $10,000 Creative Renewal Fellowship

Gallery 924 Self-Portraits June 7 - July 31

Garner Narrative 100 Burning Boats December 6 - December 31


Harrison Center for the arts ROBOTS: an invitational

Indianapolis Art Center Shrine Exhibit October 19 - January 1

Indy Indie Artist Colony End Of The World show

Gallery 924 at the Arts Council Tiny


Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art Bodies of Waters

Indiana State Museum Heartland Art October 2011 - November 2013

Selected Exhibition Sites

Headley Whitney Museum

Indiana State Museum

National Art Museum of Sport

Richmond Museum of Art

Museum for Contemporary Art - Baltimore, Maryland

Indiana University Art Museum 

Hot House Art Gallery - Indianapolis, Indiana

Christel Dehaan Fine Arts Center Gallery - University of Indianapolis

Art@Large - New York, New York

Friedl Gallery - Chicago, Illinois

Seattle Erotic Festival, Seatle, Washington

Dirty Detroit - Detroit Michigan

Galerie Hertz - Louisville, Kentucky

Copeland Rutherford Fine Arts - Sante Fe, New Mexico

Ruschman Gallery - Indianapolis, Indiana

Malton Gallery - Cincinnati, Ohio

Actors Theater - Louisville, Kentucky

Swanson Cralle Gallery - Louisville, Kentucky

Architectural Center - Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Art Center

Artlink - Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Who Show - Indianapolis, Indiana

University of Wisconsin, Parkside

Harper College - Pallatine, Illinois

Herron Gallery - Herron School of Art

Art Columbus - Columbus, Indiana

Primary Colors - Indianapolis, Indiana

Woodburn & Westcott Fine Art - Indianapolis, Indiana

Big Car Gallery Indianapolis, Indiana

Studio One - Indianapolis, Indiana

Diekhoff - Indianapolis, Indiana

Boxx - Indianapolis, Indiana

Selected Collections

Aoyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Baker and Daniels

Community Hospitals

Corinthian Pharmaceutical

The Indiana State Museum

Eli Lilly and Company

North American Capacitor, Inc.

Support Net, Inc.

Thriftway Inc.

University of Indianapolis, Indiana

University Medical Center

Halstead Architecture

Baltimore Department of Health


One Conseco

The Diner

Fries and Fries, Inc.

Metal Services International

The Nyhart Company


Vasa Brougher Inc.

Winona Hospital

World Life and Accident, Inc

Good News Ministries

Atlanta Electronics

Egg Records

also in private collections throughout the U.S., Japan & Brazil

Special Projects

​Religion, Spirituality and Art Seminar, Butler University

The Da Vinci Pursuit

The Murphy Art Center

Indy Indie Artist Colony


Indiana Chamber of Commerce Art Program

Indiana VASA Brougher Art Program


Coordinator Of Traveling Exhibit of Early Hoosier Group Art Work

Coordinator Of The Mural Project Murphy Art Center

Ceator and Manager of Masterpiece In A Day 

Floating House Deadman by Peter Shelton